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Product codeRACE5WR
RACEONE X5-Gel Bottle Cage for Bicycle Frame. Made of fibre with patented system for fitting the cage to any frame. Features two gel inserts on the sides for triple adaptability function, protection and non-slip of the cage. Made for cycling due to its adaptability and lightness, both mountain biking as well was road biking and for those looking for a very specialized bottle cage.
It is extremely light, it hardly weighs 60 grammes. Made of high density technopolymer
Very easy and quick to install: While installing the cage a unique system patented by Raceone is at work. It consists of two adjustable sides which increase the supporting surface, this means that it connects perfectly to any bicycle frame. Glossy internal and external finish
Adapts to different sized frames due to its elasticity
Includes accessories for mounting on bicycle frame (Allen screws)